Phixus is a brand dedicated to solving the real-world applications of customers.

  The MINMIX team, founder of the Phixus brand, is a global experienced audio and video industry technologist. Team research and development personnel in the past 20 years, from the practice accumulated to master electronic acoustics, building acoustics and circuit design and other technologies, in daily practice to continuously understand the terminal customer needs. From product design to floor applications, the entire MINMIX team is always involved in "discovering problems in practice, analyzing problems with the research and development team, solving problems in the laboratory" through the combination of theory and practice, based on a large number of scientific data, for Phixus product development to provide a strong support.

  After recent years of continuous development, Phixus has a well-developed, production and distribution system, the brand has occupied a certain position in the domestic and foreign markets, can easily meet the application challenges of different customers, such as multi-functional hall, concert hall, theater, lecture hall, and even various types of small and medium-sized conference rooms and other projects.

  Phixus currently includes high-quality audio products in the field of acoustics, high-quality audio products in the field of acoustics, high-efficiency power amplifiers, digital network audio transmission processing equipment, and the most overlooked audio isolation distribution products. Phixus products are not only beautiful, but also fully functional and easy to use. When the system is turned on, it must be fully satisfied with the high quality performance of the application for compelling results. "High-fidelity sound restores our ultimate goal of reproducing sound elements as truthfully as possible. MINMIX's developers once said.

  In the future, The Phixus brand will adhere to its own technical concepts and product development ideas, adapt to changing market demand, grasp the core competitiveness of "intelligent manufacturing", will be more can solve the user's practical application of pain point solutions to the market.


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